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Welcome to the game section of Meketre Upload. We developed two games in the context of Meketre Upload. The first game is a multiplayer game. After easy onclick registration, the player may choose from different playing modes. The player can earn explorerpoints on doing his tasks. If the user achieves enough explorer points he can increase his player level and activate more game modes. The second game called annotation game is a single player game. For a given time intervall players are encouraged to make the best annotations on an image of the middle kingdom provided by the Upload Meketre team.

Two games are available now:

Multiplayer Game

With the begining of the SÄK 2016 in Vienna, we launch our multiplayer annotation and object recognition game. To take part in the game, follow the link below. If you have any problems with the game, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Annotation Game (currently not available)

In order to win, join our monthly competition. The rules of the game are simple. Log in and annotate the image displayed to the right by marking and describing as much objects as you can identify. Use an exact vocabulary and avoid general terms or double entries (for instance “hoopoe” instead of “small bird”/“big bird”). After starting the game, you can make annotations for 24 hours only! The player who succeeds in determining and denoting the most objects wins the competition. Please note, however, that all annotations will be evaluated. Incorrect or very general terms and duplicates will not be considered and removed from the player’s score. The game is open until the end of March, the winner will be announced after the end of the competition

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In order to take part in the competition you need to log in. Not registered yet? Register here.


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  • Last annotation done by: kei02078 at 16.10.2018 18:22

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